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Over the past fifteen years, I have had the privilege of teaching in a variety of institutional and cultural contexts. As a teaching assistant at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, I gained my first experiences teaching German language and culture as well as literature in translation. As a language assistant with the U.S. French Embassy’s program, I taught English in a small town south of Paris. Through my work an Alexander von Humboldt research fellow, I was invited to teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in the Department of German at the Universität Stuttgart. Now, as associate professor in the German Program at Michigan State, I continue to teach undergrad and graduate courses. I have also taught German language, literature, and culture at Middlebury College’s Summer German School, an intensive seven-week long immersion program, where I was also co-hosted the German School’s weekly radio program.

Past and current courses include:

German Storytelling: Narrative and Identity

German Literature: Middle Ages to Modernism


Das Drama: Text, Transformation, Theorie